How We Build

Using Cognitive Empathy to Advance Personal Behavior Growth

For Companies

For Individual Career Progression

For Improved Personal Lives 



Corporate Consulting

  • Talent Acquisition & Recruiting
  • HR Process Building
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) Immersive
  • Strategic Employee & Client Brand Building
  • Operations Assessment
  • EQ Based Culture Shifting
  • Manager & Leadership Workshops
  • Team Building Exercises
  • CliftonStrengths by Gallup Test + Review
  • Supervisor-Guided Performance Improvement
  • Executive Advising & C-Suite Mentorship
  • Media Training


One-to-One Career Counseling

  • Day-to-Day Work Strategy & Problem Solving
  • Leadership Training
  • Benchmarking Goals
  • Career Review
  • Resume & LinkedIn Analysis + Rewrites
  • Strengths Development
  • Salary Review & Negotiation Strategy
  • Interview Prep - Guided Q&A 
  • Public Speaking & Media Training


One-to-One Personal Coaching & Mentorship

  • Morning Routine Development
  • Self Worth & Empowerment Growth
  • Personal & Professional Goal-Setting
  • CliftonStrengths by Gallup Test + Review
  • Transition Support
  • Personal Financial Growth Facilitating
  • Accountability Coach

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Who is She?

Kelly Will


Agent of Change: 

Merging Ops + Talent + EI

Thought Leader on Global Talent Acquisition, Culture, & Operations

Kelly Will is a beloved candidate and employee confidante who builds real trust through listening first, honest communication and vulnerability, mentoring every team member, leading by example. Kelly is a dedicated career coach (on Career Contessa), business coach, & personal mentor. 

A famous NYC celebrity columnist for 8 years, Kelly dove into digital & tech with oversight of big-budget consulting projects for PepsiCo and Ford Motor Co. She created a thrilling campaign to successfully cross 50 States in 365 days, mentoring and connecting with over 600 citizens, transforming her life and career as a human expert & talent acquisition leader. 

Blending review and oversight across operations, talent, and deeply building team/management/leadership through emotional intelligence, Kelly directly impacts the health of the bottom line through a people-first focus. Kelly, named "The Candidate Whisperer" by Leslie Hall at Iced Media, currently oversees Talent Acquisition, HR, and Culture for companies around the country, as a retained executive consultant & team leader. 


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